Structural Surveys 2019-06-28T09:46:47+00:00

Cracks in walls could be a sign of underlying structural issues. We can undertake a visual survey of your property to determine the cause of masonry cracks and whether any remedial work is required.

The observations are summarised into a Structural Survey Report, along with conclusions and recommendations. A further intrusive survey may be recommended to obtain more information if the visual survey was inconclusive. The intrusive works would need to be undertaken by a third party for inspection by us.

Structural surveys are often required by banks or assessors prior to granting a mortgage, especially if there are concerns relating to the stability of the foundations. In other cases, especially where an agricultural building such as a barn is to be converted to a residential property, the Council may require that a structural survey is undertaken to determine whether the existing structure is capable of being converted without the need for structural improvements. In each case we can assist and provide the necessary Structural Survey Report tailored to the needs of your project.

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