Gantry and Sheds, Lochaline Sand and Quartz Mine 2019-06-28T09:36:21+00:00

Gantry and Sheds – Lochaline Quartz Sand Mine, Oban

Lochaline Quartz Sand Mine is one the few silica sand mines in the world, producing high quality material for the glass industry. Subsequent to mining and processing operations, the silica sand is stored temporarily in two large timber shell structures which had been built a number of years prior to visit in 2019. To gain a Building Warrant (equivalent to Building Consent in England and Wales) it was required to undertake a structural survey of the two sheds and assess any damage that had occurred during operation. A site visit was conducted and the findings were summarised in a Condition Survey Report.

The other element of work pertained to a steel gantry supporting a conveyor to transport the silica sand from the sheds to shipping moored at the jetty. The gantry was built in the 1970s and was suffering from severe corrosion in some areas. A survey was undertaken to assess the approximate loss of steel section and the safety of the structure. A condition survey report was produced, which contained a summary of defects, conclusions based on visual evidence, and recommendations for the maximising the usable life of the structure.



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